Chocolate Foam

Year 3 have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl and have been busy producing some art and craft work based on the description of the chocolate foam. We thought you might like to see our finished display.

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Christmas Activities

We have been getting into to the festive spirit over the last couple of weeks and have been really creative! Our art topic is Kandinsky and we decided we would make our calendars in true Kandinsky style! We have also been carefully crafting our Christmas cards and, whilst they have taken some time…

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Visit to the Fire Station

On Wednesday 6th December Year 1 went to Wesham Fire Station. First we met Bob the firefighter and he let us all have a go on the fire engine.

The other firefighters showed us their tools and equipment including the jaws of life! The most exciting bit was when we could use the hose to try and…

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Year 3 have been learning about what the perimeter is and how to work it out. They have come up with a great way to remember it! Click here to find out how!

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Maths - Weighing

Year 2 have been busy in Maths this week practising our weighing skills. Once we had weighed boxes of different weights, we then had to compare and work out which was the lightest and which was the heaviest putting them in the correct order.

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Year 3 Art

We have been learning how to make different colours by mixing paint with varying results! Do you know which colours you have to mix together to make a new colour? Here's your chance!

Try our quiz!

Red + Blue = ?

Blue + Yellow = ?

Yellow + Red = ?

Red + Green = ?

Red + White =…

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Year 3 - RE

Year 3 have been learning about the Ten Commandments. We decided to go outside to act some of them out. 

Can you tell which ones?

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Year 6 Science

Our science topic this term is Evolution. In class we have been looking at how the same animals can have different traits and why this might be.

Eva decided to take the investigation further by researching the topic at home. She has produced a very informative booklet about the different…

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Year 6 Art

In class we have been discussing camouflage in the animal kingdom and the reasons why it is beneficial to various species.

Lydia has produced  a beautiful piece of artwork reflecting this principal. I am sure you will agree! 

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Year 6 have been learning about angles this week. Click here to discover their innovative way of remembering them!

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Visit to Blackpool Zoo

On Wednesday 4th October Year 1 went to Blackpool Zoo. We had a great day despite the chilly weather. We enjoyed spotting lots of differnet animals- tigers, giraffes, lions, elephants and monkeys. We particularly enjoyed the penguin and sea lion shows. We met Victoria in the zoo classroom who…

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Alice in Wonderland - Backstage photos

Here' s a sneaky peek backstage!

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