During Health Week Year 6 took part in a number of activities. Here are some of their thoughts on the week.


'The Life Education Bus was my favourite part of the week. The adult on the bus was very determined to tell us why it is important not to use drugs and how to keep our bodies healthy.'


'I liked it when the firemen came to talk to us about fire hazards. I also enjoyed the cheerleading because I got lifted up.'


'During Health Week we learnt about being healthy and cyber bullying. We also did archery and cheerleading which was fun. We learnt the elevator lift in cheerleading.'


'During Tuesday afternoon we had a visit from some people from the fire department. We learnt about how to keep ourselves safe when a fire occurs and we cant escape, and what not  to do if the fire spreads.'


I enjoyed archery because we got to sit on a chair and experience what it was like to be in the paralympics shooting from a wheelchair.'


On Tuesday afternoon we learnt about fire safety and road safety and I found that to be incredibly interesting. We learnt that if the driver is going 40mph ,the person in the back will hit the wind screen at 40mph if the driver has to brake suddenly and they are not wearing a seat belt.