Parliament's Education Service works with schools and Members from both Houses to support young people in developing their understanding of Parliament and democracy.

On Tuesday we were delighted to welcome Rachael Dodgson from the Parliament Education Service into school to work with the children in 2 workshops,  Debate and Election.   

After an assembly for the Junior School in which the organisation of the Houses of Parliament was discussed, Year 5 and Year 6 pupils took part in a Debate - Technology will be banned for any child under the age of 11 to prevent incidents of Cyber Bullying.

The hall was set up as the House of Commons and Luke was appointed Mr Speaker ( the most important person in the House).

If someone wanted to speak, they had to stand up. The Speaker chose a person to put forward their point and the rest sat down with the contributer saying, "Thankyou Mr Speaker".

Some very important points were raised in this debate including from: 

Lennon- it might stop children learning.

Jasmine- might need to contact family in other countries.

Lydia-technology helps with homework.

Matthew- technology affects sleep.

Taila- wouldnt be able to use educational apps.

Ruby- staring at the screen for too long can damage eyes.

Dani- too much technology could affect behaviour ie watching violence on youtube.

Mr Speaker then called a 'division' and the' MPs then went  into 2 different lobbies (rooms) to vote. 

The result was an overwheming 'NO' for the motion!

The second workshop required the children to think about the election process, from setting up a party to preparing a manifesto and preparing their campaign.

Firstly they discussed their manifesto and what changes they would like to implement in the country and created 7 new parties.

Fylde Health Party

KWPS Educaton Party

Fylde Environment Party

KWPS Business Party

Super Sports Party

Kirkham Sport Party.

The children then had to create an election campaign incorporating a fun learning idea and present this idea to the voters. There was then a General Election which the Fyde Environment Party won and we discovered the elected member would then head to London to Parliament!

The children found this to be a very interesting and informative morning and enabled them to gain a better understanding of our British Values in particular 'Democracy' and how a truly democratic process works.