Science Lecture at UCLAN - Year 6

17 December 2018

On Monday Year 6 went to UCLAN to take part in a CSI lecture. We had to solve a Christmas crime - Who broke Santa's Sleigh?

Santa checked his naughty list to find the suspects -. there was Colonel Candy Cane, Blizzard the Bear, Twinkle the Fairy, Holly the Elf and Ivy the Elf. 

We were shown lots of forensic scientific methods analysing fingerprints, footprints and hair and the analysis showed that Holly the Elf was the culprit. 

On our return to school Ned said it was an 'explosive afternoon!

Millie said it was very interesting but kept making me jump!

Lydia said it was a very interesting fun afternoon and even went home and tried some of her own fingerprint experiments! 

Year 6 Science Trip