Good morning everyone! We are very lucky as the sun is still shining! I have to say that our children and their families are very creative and today is no exception!

At the start of lockdown Stanley and Scarlett got some caterpillars. They watched them eat and grow before turning themselves into cocoons and then transform into beautiful butterflies. Stanley and Scarlett both enjoyed watching them change but their favourite thing was setting the butterflies free! They did this in their Great Grandmas garden so that “The Butterflies could keep her company whilst we all have to stay at home."

James has been working very hard motivated by baking a home-made cake! Kara and her little sister have been celebrating May 4th! 

Charlotte and mum have made a pin hole camera. They have found it quite tricky to take photos with it, but have managed to get a faint image of the house across the road. They even created their own dark room (aka the downstairs loo!)

After struggling to find a Union Jack to celebrate VE day on Friday, Frankie and his mum have improvised by using Aldi bags! They are planning to decorate their street with the neighbours. (Social distancing rules applied of course!)