4 November 2021

Writers of the Month - October 2021

I hope you enjoy the latest podcast. As last time it is lovely to hear the children reading their writing and see how their skills progress over their time at KWPS,

Firstly, it features Sky in reception class writing about her autumn walk.

Then Lilly in Year 1 writing about animals in Antarctica, can you guess the creature?

Harry in year 2 is next, he has written a different take on the classic tale of the three little pigs, can you spot the changes he has made?

Next in Year 3 Bradley writes all about the life of L.S. Lowry, thanks Bradley I learned lots of facts.

In Year 4 Jamie wrote a story based on dragons, it's so good it reminds me of one of my favourite books and film, can you guess which one?

I was struggling for ideas of where to take my family during the next school Holiday, thanks to Oriana in Year 5 I now know, It's Barry Island!

Finally, Well done to Evie in Year 6, she writes with such restraint and skill as she describe the start of a new stage of life. Can you figure out who she is writing as?

Click below to hear our writers of the month for October 2021.