Wider Ops Concert 2018

Year 5 held their music concert at the beginning of this half term to show parents their new musical skills.

Click on the links below to view their performances.

Wider Ops video 1

Wider Ops video 2

Wider Ops video 3

Wider Ops video 4

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Phases of the Moon

Year 5 have been learning about the phases of the Moon. They can explain why the Moon appears to change shape, ask them when you next see them. This activity helped them see each of the different phases. The lamp is the Sun, their head the Earth and the ball on the stick is the Moon. Look closely…

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Can you be creative too?

Esme used air drying clay to make a model of the solar system; it's amazing! Come and have a look at it and have a go yourself!

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The Earth's moon

We used tennis and ping pong balls to learn about the movement of the moon relative to the Earth and Sun. We had to make sure that the same face of the moon was orbiting the Earth. Ask Year 5 what other facts they can remember about the moon!

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The solar system

We have been learning about The Solar System. We made up a mnemonic to remember the names and order of the planets. Can you make up your own mnemonic?

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Thermal insulators year 5

We have been doing a science experiment to investigate thermal insulators. Matthew, a refreshment stall holder, wanted to improve his drinks service and asked Year 5 if they could find out how he could keep his drinks hotter for longer. 

Each child chose a question to…

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How does a thermos flask work?

To understand how a thermos flask works we had a go at making our own! We learnt that the aluminium foil is like the reflective lining of the inner chamber of a flask and this prevents radiation, the heat is reflected back towards the liquid. The gap between the two bottles represents the vacuum…

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Investigate which solids conduct heat

Can you see the dot on the head thermometer attached to the metal spoon? This time our experiment worked! We found out that the metal spoon conducts heat the most effectively. We recommended to the refreshment stall holder to use wooden or plastic spoons. However we decided that wooden spoons are…

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Investigate which solids conduct heat.

We had to plan an experiment which would test which spoons would be best for a refreshment stall holder to use to stir hot soup. We learnt lots from the experiment as it didn't work! We learnt that next time the mugs need to have a lid and the water needs to be much hotter so that we can see which…

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Science - Temperature of Liquids

This week Year 5 have been investigating how the temperature of a liquid changes according to the environment that it is in. We used a data logger to take the temperature of a hot cup of tea and milk straight from the fridge. We found out that both liquids reached room temperature, interestingly…

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Experience Morning at Carr Hill

Year 5 loved their singing lesson with Mr Brown on taster morning at Carr Hill on Friday 3rd March. They also enjoyed food from the canteen at break and touring the school with one of our ex-pupils as a guide.  

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Wider Ops

This week we learnt to put our reed on and make our first sounds out of the mouthpiece.


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