Don't the weeks fly by? We are now at the end of our 6th week of working from home. It hopefully wont be too long before we are able to get back to school and meet up again in some way. In the mean time we will continue to report what our children and families are doing. So keep emailing or contacting us through Facebook. We love to see what all of our children are up to and their happy smiling faces!

Both Harry and Lily are missing the routine of school and their friends, but they have been keeping up with their schoolwork by completing the work sent home and by working online. 

Declan worked on completing levels on NumBots, as well as some Times Tables Rock Stars and Hit the Button maths work. He really enjoyed the music work and stomped/ clapped along to the pulse of the music. He took part in the singing and danced along too! 

Declan reviewed lots of the healthy recipes and then wrote out an American fluffy pancake recipe which he had with his family for tea. 

Stanley and Scarlett have adopted a Snow leopard and Polar bear this week from WWF so, given the work they had been set by school, they chose to write about these animals.They read through the information packs they had been sent and also watched Youtube clips on each animal. The sentences they chose to write are what they learnt and remembered from this.