European Composers

As part of our topic on Europe, Year 4 looked at several European composers and their famous works. We discussed Ravel’s Bolero and Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Bobbie shared her joke, “What is Beethoven’s favourite fruit? Ba na na na!”

At the end of the topic, we had a go at playing a piece…

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The Harris Museum - Preston

On Tuesday 14th March we went to the Harris Museum in Preston. We met Lucy and she worked with us on some different activities. We sorted modern and old toys. Next we dressed up as Victorian children and played with old toys and games. Before lunch we made our own peg doll character. It was a…

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Spring Walk

On Wednesday 8th March we went on a spring walk to the woods. It was quite muddy! We noticed lots of buds growing on the trees and bushes. We saw lots of daffodil and crocuses and a few snowdrops. The woods looked beautiful with so many spring flowers!

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Experience Morning at Carr Hill

Year 5 loved their singing lesson with Mr Brown on taster morning at Carr Hill on Friday 3rd March. They also enjoyed food from the canteen at break and touring the school with one of our ex-pupils as a guide.  

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World Book Day 2017

Year 6 really got onto the spirit of World Book Day! Have a look at the range of characters we became! 

Ruth said,

" I think World Book Day is a really good idea because it encourages children to think about their favourite characters in books and they can pretend to be that character for a…

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Year 6 Dance

Year 6 children have been practising this week for the Dance Spectacular at Carr Hill High School on Friday evening.

Here are some photos to give you a preview of what they will be doing.

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Last week Year 6 had the opportunity to have a lesson on Jujitsu.

David who has been participating in Jujitsu for a number of years said the following.

' Jujitsu helps you to defend yourself but it is also a fun and exciting thing to do. It helps you to keep fit and you play games and learn…

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Winter Walk

On Wednesday 18th January we went on a winter walk to the woods in Kirkham. We were hunting for different types of plants.

We saw lots of deciduous trees including horse-chestnut, sycamore and oak trees. These trees had bare branches, although we did see some buds starting to grow on the end of…

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By Abbi

In Art we have been focusing on drawing people.So far we have drawn eyes and noses, looking closely at the shading and detail. As we are an artistic class, we have created some beautiful masterpieces and, although it was challenging, we have mastered it. We have shown determination and…

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PE- Tennis

By Abbie 

Today we did some net and ball games with Mr Huggan. First he taught us how to balance balls on our tennis racket.

That was just a bit of fun and our warm up. After we had mastered it, he taught us how to hit a ball with the palm of our hand our hand,

We then were given a racket…

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The Heart

This term we are learning about the heart and the circulatory system.

On  Wednesday we were all ( well most of us!) very excited that Mrs Lewthwaite had brought a pig's heart to school that we could dissect, examine and study.

Here is an entry from Abbi 's science book.

We saw and learnt…

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Year 1 Visit Wesham Fire Station

On Wednesday 7th December Year 1 went to Wesham Fire Station. We met Fraser and Dawn the firefighters. Fraser showed us around the fire engine and we saw all the tools including the jaws of life. We even got to sit in the back of the fire engine. 

Mrs Coxon and Mrs Tiffen had to dress up as…

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