Winter Walk

On Wednesday 18th January we went on a winter walk to the woods in Kirkham. We were hunting for different types of plants.

We saw lots of deciduous trees including horse-chestnut, sycamore and oak trees. These trees had bare branches, although we did see some buds starting to grow on the end of…

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By Abbi

In Art we have been focusing on drawing people.So far we have drawn eyes and noses, looking closely at the shading and detail. As we are an artistic class, we have created some beautiful masterpieces and, although it was challenging, we have mastered it. We have shown determination and…

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PE- Tennis

By Abbie 

Today we did some net and ball games with Mr Huggan. First he taught us how to balance balls on our tennis racket.

That was just a bit of fun and our warm up. After we had mastered it, he taught us how to hit a ball with the palm of our hand our hand,

We then were given a racket…

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The Heart

This term we are learning about the heart and the circulatory system.

On  Wednesday we were all ( well most of us!) very excited that Mrs Lewthwaite had brought a pig's heart to school that we could dissect, examine and study.

Here is an entry from Abbi 's science book.

We saw and learnt…

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Year 1 Visit Wesham Fire Station

On Wednesday 7th December Year 1 went to Wesham Fire Station. We met Fraser and Dawn the firefighters. Fraser showed us around the fire engine and we saw all the tools including the jaws of life. We even got to sit in the back of the fire engine. 

Mrs Coxon and Mrs Tiffen had to dress up as…

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Year 6 Science - Light

By Logan

Our Science topic this half term is LIGHT. We learnt that light travels in straight lines. We then learnt about refraction and we performed many experiments to see refaction for ourselves. We discovered that, as the light entered a glass of water, the light changed direction making the…

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Benjamin Britten

By Olivia and Alexia

Benjamin Britten was a famous English composer. He wrote many musical pieces which have influenced musicians today.

Year 6 have loved learning about him over the last few weeks and, last week, we listened to one of his pieces called 'The Storm'.

We learnt that he…

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Year 1 Class Assembly

On Tuesday 25th October we enjoyed doing our class assembly for our mums, dads and grandparents. We had to learn lots of words including songs and poems. Our favourite was called, 'Oh, we went to Blaxkpool Zoo.' Afterwards we enjoyed a drink of juice and biscuits. 

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LS Lowry and the North West Of England

Year 3 have had a week of looking and learning about LS Lowry and the North West of England.

They have used a traditional Lancastrian recipe to make potato cakes - its fair to say there were mixed views on the result!    

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Sorting Shapes

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Carr Hill Science Lesson

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Our Week

Year 2 have had a very busy week this week.  In literacy, we are just finishing our unit of work on Traditional Tales with a Twist.  For our final task we have written a story showing that Goldilocks was only trying to help the three bears.  We all excited about our stories and think they are the…

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